Physical Exams for Children and Newborns

Phisical Exams for infants, children, adolescents and young adultsIt is recommended that regular physical examinations take place within the first two years of life. Babies have a high rate of growth and mental development.

It is important to track all these changes and make sure that the newborn is within the normal established ranges.

The attending physician will take measurements of the baby’s physical characteristics such as height, head circumference, weight, vital signs (heart and lungs), and provide a full physical examination.

In addition to the latter, the parent will be asked questions regarding the newborn and its development. There are many set milestones within a baby’s development.

It is important for the parent to comment on the baby’s physical abilities at any specific time. Does the baby respond to sounds?

Evaluating alertness, muscle tone, genitals, is he/she able to lift the head and responsiveness to expressions, are but a few examples of what a Doctor will be looking for in order to carry out a full evaluation.

Physical examinations are an ongoing process. One of the most important factors in regular physical evaluations during the first two years is the possibility to correct any disorder genetic or not, before it can affect the baby any further.

It is very important the same physician accompany the development of your son or daughterInjuries suffered during the birth process also need monitoring. Various advances in medicine allow doctors to identify and correct various illnesses.

Many times this correction might be as simple as a variation in diet or specific stimulus from the parent’s side towards the baby.

Clinica Virgen de Guadalupe has been in service of the Los Angeles community for over 25 years. In this period it has had the satisfaction of caring for many children from recent birth to adult hood.

It is very important to choose the right health care provider when it comes to your newborn. To have the same physician accompany the development of your son or daughter and have familiarity with their progress is fundamental when treating any diseases and providing the proper advise.

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